Sunday, April 24, 2011

Documentary on President Nasheed’s climate change battle to be premiered this year

MALE, April 24 (HNS) – A Hollywood-style documentary feature film about the Maldives and climate change will be premiered at an international film festival later this year, the President’s Office said today.

‘The Island President’ is a fly-on-the-wall, 90-minute documentary film, which highlights the Maldives’ efforts to combat climate change and rising sea levels.The film has been made by Actual Films, an Oscar and Emmy-winning American documentary film company, based in San Francisco.Actual Films, which the President’s Office said had full editorial control over the movie, spent over two years and US$1.5 million making the film, which is due to be aired in the Maldives early next year.The Office said that Actual Films contacted the government in early 2009 and asked for permission to film President Nasheed, members of the government and others as they prepared for the December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change summit.
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