Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blue Carbon Photo Contest - Life on the Coasts ˆ Blue Carbon.

Blue Carbon Photo Contest - Life on the Coasts ˆ Blue Carbon.
We are inviting grassroots organisations involved in coastal and marine conservation to participate in UNEP/GRID-Arendal's Blue Carbon Photography Contest. Selected photographs are intended for use in a special publication for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa (COP17), and for an online image resource - the Blue Carbon Photo Library.   
The theme of the contest Life on the coasts - Blue Carbon focuses on the importance of a healthy marine environment in coastal livelihoods.
 We are looking for iconic images in two categories ˆ People & the Environment, and Coastal & Marine Ecosystems. Examples include coastal and underwater scenes, community based restoration and conservation projects, our connection to healthy coastal ecosystems (e.g. fisheries, tourism), and how a changing ocean and climate impact the daily life of people and communities living along the coast.
As long as there is a clear affiliation with a grassroots organisation, all professional and non-professional photographers worldwide are welcome to submit. Organisation logos will also be highlighted in the special publication. Blue Climate Solutions has offered a digital underwater camera as a prize for the best image.
 **To SUBMIT your images, please see the Competition Rules and send all submissions to:
 **The DEADLINE for submitting pictures to UNEP/GRID-Arendal is SEPTEMBER 30, 2011. Finalists will be announced in October 2011.
Personal Release forms are required for all images that include recognisable subjects and children (see Competition Rules).
After reviewing the following Competition Rules, you will be fully prepared to enter the contest.
Contest information and COMPETITION RULES can be found at:
(see Photo Contest pages)

For further information contact:
Jessica Holterhof
Blue Carbon Photography Contest Manager
Arendal, Norway