Friday, November 25, 2016

At the waters edge - Granada



Please see the recently released video featuring The Nature Conservancy’s At the Water’s Edge project, which combines unique community and natural infrastructure approaches to build resilient communities in the Caribbean island of Grenada.


At the Water’s Edge - About the video

The Nature Conservancy teamed up with local government, community members and partners to strengthen one of Grenville, Grenada’s most powerful allies against climate change – nature itself. The Caribbean fishing town has faced years of erosion caused by the degradation of a coral reef, destruction of mangrove forests and severe weather. In January 2015, the Conservancy piloted innovative hybrid reef structures, the full build-out of which will reduce wave energy, and restoremangroves along the shoreline of Grenville Bay. Watch the video to see as the underwater structures are installed by local fishermen using local materials and hear from community and project leaders. This unique approach to coastal resilience, which combines community engagement with nature-based solutions, is helping Grenville become resilient to the impacts of climate change, while  rebuilding the habitats their economy and culture rely on. You can learn more about this unique project from October’s Nature Conservancy Magazine cover story and check out the video here.


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